Dear Principal:

In the spirit of collective learning for STEM Education, we are planning to organize an InterSchool Maths Competition in your city and the surrounding areas.

Key Points:

1. Who?: All interested students from grade III to XI can participate in the test.
2. When? Mutually Convenient Date
3. How? It will be made available for students to take both in online and offline format. Students can take the test which is administered in the school premises at their convenience or they can go home and complete the online test.
4. Awards: School to provide names and scores of top 10 performers in each category. All of them will be provided certificates and awards.
5. Cost: Zero cost to the school and nominal fee for the participating student
6. Test Overview:
  • Easy Test: In the spirit of the Pandemic we have tried to keep the test relatively easy so that students score well and gain confidence in their abilities
  • Time: 30 Mins for 30 Questions
  • Solution: Feedback for almost all the questions have been provided.
  • Sign-in: Students will have to sign-in to Google to Submit their Responses. They will also receive a copy of responses via email directly from Google.

Let me know if we should have a Zoom call to discuss this and clarify any questions you may have. Once again thanks for all your help working remotely. Best regards,

Aayush Dwivedi


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India Cell: +91-80771-50278
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