All interested students from grade III to XI can participate in the test.

Mutually Convenient Date.

It will be made available for students to take both in online and offline format. Students can take the test which is administered in the school premises at their convenience or they can go home and complete the online test. .

STEM Olympiad conducts exam in English language only. Question paper pattern is on MCQ’S format students have to mark the correct answers in OMR sheets or through the Online Version of the test.

Yes, a student can take part in all the subjects according their interest and as per class eligibility.

Students have to register through school only if the school is participating. But, from the year 2022, STEM Olympiad has introduced ‘Online Student Test’ for the Individual students; which is conducted monthly & can be taken online from a Mobile.

All the details regarding the exams will be sent to the schools, the Brochures, Registration forms & Posters in August and you can get all the information from school teachers or can visit website at – www.olympiadstem.org

Minimum count of 10 students is required from an individual school to get registered with STEM Olympiad (ITO). There is no limit for maximum participation.

Olympiad exams are competitive exams held at the school level. These exams are introduced in order to improve and enhance the problem solving skills and analytical skills. It helps students to recognize their talent and build confidence that would help them to be ready for future competitions. Preparation for Olympiads does not require any extra classes or lectures to be attended. We can be Olympiad ready when we regularly practice and focus on the areas we lack in. Here are some useful study tips which will help you prepare rightly for Olympiads -Know the syllabus - One should go through the syllabus and have a fair idea on what topics the Olympiad exam focuses on. Once you are clear with what you need to study, you can make a strategy accordingly.
Plan and schedule you study - The one preparing for Olympiads need to plan his / her study accordingly. Proper time and practice to each and every subject and topics should be scheduled and followed thoroughly. Scheduling helps in making it easy for the student to focus more on the learning and decreases the pressure of study.

Every student has his or her unique sets of skills and talents. These hidden skills and talents of the student need to be discovered. Therefore, Olympiads lend a hand to lift up the learning ability of the student and enhance his / her knowledge
Appearing for Olympiad exams benefit in understanding and improving the concept that a student studies or learns in the school. The level of Olympiad exams is way higher than the regular academic exams and its unique and easy learning concepts are well structured by the subject experts knowing the learning ability of the student. Problem solving skills, analytical thinking, writing skills, reading ability, and reasoning ability is enhanced. These skills remain with the child for a long run.
Also, awards and special recognitions help students stay motivated and the sense of encouragement stays within them. With these students take more interest in their studies which makes them prepared for other upcoming challenges.

School to provide names and scores of top 10 performers in each category. All of them will be provided certificates and awards.

Aayush Dwivedi Director Head Office: +91-8076506061 India Cell: +91-80771-50278 US Cell: +1-631-662-8332.

STEM Olympiad Organization is conducting exams at national & international level for State board, International board, ICSE & CBSE boards, for class III – XI. Students have to refer their specific board patterns, Olympiad books provided by STEM Olympiad along with the previous year’s question paper sets which are available on our website at https://STEMOLYMPIAD.Org The questions pattern are of multiple choice. .

Interested students can participate in STEM Olympiad from their respective schools Only (all boards). There are no other eligibility criteria.

The registration process is available online and offline for new and existing schools. New schools can send request at – dwirajvedi@gmail.com or may contact on +91-8076506061.New Schools- Interested New schools can get the brochure/prospectus by contacting us at dwirajvedi@gmail.com

School has to collect Rs.150 as the participation fees for Olympiad exams per student per subject. School has to retain Rs.25 per student per subject as organization expenses (supervision charges included) from Kindergarten to Class 10th

Olympiad Exams are competitive exams that are held at the national and international level. Many students from various schools take part in these competitive Olympiad Exams. Mostly Olympiads are considered as an extra burden on the students. But, when actually understanding the benefits an Olympiad Exam provides definitely changes the opinion. Apart from providing extra knowledge, these competitive exams gives an opportunity for students to showcase their talent on a big platform. Competing students of the same age group builds confidence in them. Many essential skills of a student are enhanced. Importantly, it makes students learn that no competition is hard when they practice thoroughly. Olympiad exams are actually very helpful in shaping the future of the student by improving their academic as well as social knowledge.

Yes, Olympiads are difficult but when practiced with proper study guide and study material, it becomes very easy to achieve good numbers in the Olympiad Exams. Tough these competitive exams have a huge number of competitors, students interestingly participate in these exams.

a.)Easy Test: In the spirit of the Pandemic we have tried to keep the test relatively easy so that students score well and gain confidence in their abilities.
b.)Time: 30 Mins for 30 Questions.
c.)Solution: Feedback for almost all the questions have been provided.
d.)Sign-in: Students will have to sign-in to Google to Submit their Responses. They will also receive a copy of responses via email directly from Google.